Thursday, June 19, 2008

Favorite bike path near home

First, I know that helmet looks too small. At least several people have told me that upon seeing this photo. It's not, though. So there.

I live near Lake Nokomis, which is part of several nearby lakes that are surrounded by bike paths. However, if you really want to get your heart rate up, the lake paths are not the best. They have a posted 10 mph speed limit, which is not enforced, but it's still a good idea. Between slower riders, pedestrians and roller bladers, it's just too crowded to keep a constant speed.

However, you can hit the sidewalk that parallels the lake on the east and north sides and really pick up some speed without the traffic of main street.

The photo below is the trail on the north side of Lake Nokomis. You should see these trees in the spring. They are covered with white and pink blossoms.

I like to head toward Minnehaha Falls and then down into Ft.Snelling. To get there, you jump onto the Minnehaha Creek bike path. The photos below are of a bridge over the path I found along the way.

Below is the John H. Stevens House, which was a civic meeting place built in 1849.

Below is the back of Minnehaha Falls.

Below are the falls. They say the rocks below the falls are deteriorating and in need of repair. It may not look like this long. Photo take June 14, 2008.

Video of bike path in Ft.Snelling Park

I shot this video with my Cannon compact camera while riding my bike.

Biking down into Ft.Snelling

Below is the start of the path coming from the Minnehaha Falls area going down into Ft.Snelling. It's a gentle downhill ride into Ft.Snelling. The ride is very scenic. There's a limestone wall near the bottom of the path where kids stop to carve their initials or try to climb. It's a little sandy there. Be careful. Bikes don't like roll through sand.

Below is the path going into Ft.Snelling.

The Ft.Smelling path goes around Snelling Lake and the Mississippi river. You can also hike on Pike Island, where the Mississippi and the Minnesota rivers come together.

Some of the paths closest to the river are not paved. However, I had no trouble traversing these with my narrow tires.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

South High School Pop Singers

Both of my kids go to South High School and participate in their music program. Seth plays trumpet and Jenn plays saxophone. In the video (below), the South High Pop Singers, led by Denny Malmberg, perform. A student named Mark does the short bee bop solo. I remember that kid when he was knee-high to a grasshopper, as the saying goes.

I shot this video with my Canon A650 compact digital camera (so, not a real video camera).